Online Train Reservation - An Easy Tool to Book Train Tickets


Trains are always the most popular mode of transportation in India and many people depend on trains for short-distance and long-distance travel. Trains are fast, cheap and are well suited for long-distance travel. Since there are only a limited number of seats in trains, you have to book your ticket well in advance to get a confirmed ticket. The online train reservation is the easiest and most convenient method to book your ticket.

The IRCTC website and several other travel and tourism sites offer the service of online railway reservation. They help you get the complete railway time table and all details of each and every train operated by Indian Railways. Once you select a train of your choice, booking is done after you pay through your credit or debit cards. An e-ticket is generated, a print out of which you need to carry while you travel. There is also the option of i-tickets where the actual ticket is mailed to you by post. Today you can carry your ticket in electronic mode on your mobile phone, laptops and iPad. This has helped save a lot of paper and is quite eco-friendly.

If all the seats are filled up when you make the online train reservation, you still get a chance to book your ticket under RAC or Waiting List. Here you get a seat to travel if you are on RAC and berths are allotted if any cancellations take place. Usually a lot of last minute cancellations take place and many passengers in RAC get a berth too.

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